Easy Tips and Ideas for Decorating Around Television

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Television screens just keep getting bigger, which is great if you’re an avid binge-watcher, but not so convenient if you’re trying to decorate a living room or bedroom with one wall dominated by a huge glass rectangle.

“TVs are kind of a necessary evil,” says Marianne Canada, digital host and design expert at HGTV.com. “We want them to be big and have that great picture quality. But you run into that problem of having, literally, this big black rectangle pulling focus in your den or living room.”

Los Angeles designer Theodore Leaf, host of “Living Big Under 1,000 Sq. Ft.” on Apple TV’s new channel The Design Network, finds that people are resisting the idea of organizing their living space around a screen. Yet they want the option of a great viewing experience when the mood strikes.

In rooms where windows provide a good view, things get even more complicated: “How do you orient the furniture to embrace the view, but obviously live a normal life and watch television?” Leaf asks.

Here, Leaf, Canada and Caleb Anderson, co-founder of the New York design firm Drake/Anderson, offer creative advice on decorating around a television and even (shhh!) finding ways to hide one in plain sight.

Article by: montrealgazette

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