30 Stunning Kitchen Colors Ideas and Tips For Choosing It


The previous couple of decades were focused on very neutral kitchen colors and tones. Seems like just about every kitchen had neutral kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets as well as wall treatments. Currently, everyone is being a lot more expressive in the kitchen area and that is certainly good news! Typically the kitchen is the place where most of the daily activity happens in your home, therefore make full use of this area.

Here are several different ways to help you choose the best kitchen colors:

  • Fresh Paint & Wall Treatments: There are lots of different paint colors to pick from, so be sure to take your time when making the decision. It will probably be the foundation of making various other selections for your kitchen colors. Wallpaper and borders tend to be used much more often today as well.
  • Kitchen Faucets: They are not just chrome these days. They are available in a wide range of solid colors as well as metallic choices. It truly is remarkable exactly what style and design that a rather simple faucet will add to your kitchen decor.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Be grateful that the avocado green kitchen appliances from the 1970s are gone for good, but yet after that we shifted to the ever so basic whites. Nowadays, you have so many more options, however before you go really bold, understand that the purchase of a kitchen appliance is one thing you will have to be pleased with for quite some time.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: You could paint over out of date kitchen cabinet colors or even purchase totally new ones. If you decide to purchase brand new ones, really devote some time to your final decision. The cost of totally new cabinets isn’t something that should be taken without due consideration.
  • Kitchen Tile: Try to find one of a kind expressions for your kitchen floor, backsplash and also your kitchen countertops. Floor tile is kind of simple to install and is even easier to take care of.

If you aren’t ready for a huge remodeling job, you can add color very easily and also with hardly any extra expense. Actually, if you are working in mostly fairly neutral kitchen colors in other places in your kitchen, you can easily alter your kitchen colors and shades to fit your mood all year long!

The addition of kitchen colors is really as straightforward or as challenging as you want to try to make it.

For the much more complicated kitchen projects, make sure you plan everything out, so that it becomes the perfect kitchen you expected with the exact kitchen colors that you wanted.

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Browse your favorite kitchen color combinations!

Masculine Mahogany, Gray, and Rose Colors


Beauty Old Emerald Green and Brass Decor


Modern Pale Blue and Gray Colors

(Image credit: Houzz)

Charcoal, Tan, and Wood for Warm Colors Combinations

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Bright White, Black,and Gold Colors

Image credit: Elle Decor

Wonderful Blue-Gray and Tangerine Colors

Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Cute Black, Brown, and White Colors

Image credit: sfgirlbybay

Black, Teal and Hot Pink for Small Space

 Image credit: Bo-Laget



Blue and brown Classic Color Scheme

Source: Regan Baker Design

Beutiful PURPLE and BEIGE Colors


Bright White and Brass Combinations

Source: JWS Interiors

Sea Blue, White and Fresh Orange Colors


Dark Grey and White with Marble Decor

Source: Jones Design Company

Cute Pink and White/Grey Colors


Wooden Brown and White

Source: Fireclay Tile / Photography by: Bethany Nauert / Design by: A Vintage Splendor

Warm of GREEN, SILVER and BEIGE Colors


Cool BLUE, GOLD and WHITE Kitchen Colors

Source: Becki Owens

Fun of White and Green

Source: Hither and Thither

Greys Decor


Lemon Grass and Charade Colors

Source: Ann Lowengart

Heather Blue and Desert Yellow

Source: Whitten Architects / Photography by: Rob Karosis

Purple Eggplant with White

Source: John Lum Architecture / Photography by: Sharon Risedorph

Green Avocado and Brown Cinnamon


Fun Colors of Young Yellow, Blue and Pink


Yellow Mangoe, White and Black Colors Decor

Source thriftyfun

Dark Grey and White

Source: Bigger Than the Three of Us

Red Monarch, Green and Yellow

Source: Sonya Hamilton Designs

Contemporary Black and Grey Colors

 Source skinnygirldesign


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